Implement tooltips for fields in Sitecore Forms

Posted 26 Mar 2024 by Marek Musielak

sitecore forms - tooltip in form

Improving your website's user experience often means giving clear guidance, especially for forms. In this blog post, I'll guide you through the process of integrating tooltips into Sitecore Forms. Tooltips are those small bubbles that give users helpful hints as they fill out forms. Adding tooltips brings big benefits: it makes forms easier to use and helps users understand them better, making your Sitecore-powered website more engaging.

The first task we need to address is making modifications to the core database. We'll begin by adding an item called Tooltip item:


Then copy the Label item into that new folder, which is located in the Common/Details folder. Rename it to Tooltip text and update the following fields:

  • FormLabel: Tooltip text
  • BindingConfiguration: tooltipText

sitecore forms tooltips - field editor

Now duplicate DetailsExpander item:


Call it TooltipExpander and update the HeaderText field:

sitecore forms tooltips - expander section

The last thing we need to do in core database is duplicating item:


call it Tooltip and in the ConfigurationItem and ControlDefinitions fields select 2 items you've created earlier:

sitecore forms tooltips - tooltip section

After you completed all the steps above, if you open Sitecore Form Designer and select any Single-Line Text field, you will see a new section called Tooltip and if you expand it, you will see Tooltip text field inside the section:

sitecore forms tooltips - form designer

Still, you will not be able to save the value of the field yet. We need to modify master database items first. Start with selecting


item and adding extra section called Tooltip with Tooltip text field inside it:

sitecore forms tooltips - field template

Now let's write some code. We need a class for the field model, that will inherit from StringInputViewModel class (or from StringInputViewWithBindingsTokenModel if you use Sitecore Forms Extensions) and contains TooltipText property:

using Sitecore;
using Sitecore.Data.Items;
using Sitecore.ExperienceForms.Mvc.Models.Fields;
using System.Web;

namespace MyAssembly.MyNamespace.Fields
    public class StringInputViewModelWithTooltip : StringInputViewModel, IWithTooltip
        public string TooltipText { get; set; }

        protected override void InitItemProperties(Item item)
            TooltipText = StringUtil.GetString(item.Fields["Tooltip Text"]);

        protected override void UpdateItemFields(Item item)
            item.Fields["Tooltip Text"]?.SetValue(TooltipText, false);

    public interface IWithTooltip
        string TooltipText { get; set; }

    public static class WithTooltipExtensions
        public static HtmlString Tooltip(this IWithTooltip fieldWithTooltip)
            var tooltip = fieldWithTooltip.TooltipText;

            if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(tooltip))
                tooltip = $"<span title=\"{HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(tooltip)}\">&#x24D8;</span>";

            return new HtmlString(tooltip);

We also need to modify cshtml file of the field, so let's create a file with the following code:

@using System.Web.Mvc.Html
@using MyAssembly.MyNamespace.Fields
@using Sitecore.ExperienceForms.Mvc.Html
@model MyAssembly.MyNamespace.Fields.StringInputViewModelWithTooltip

<label for="@Html.IdFor(m => Model.Value)" class="@Model.LabelCssClassSettings.CssClass">@Html.DisplayTextFor(t => Model.Title) @Model.Tooltip()</label>
<input id="@Html.IdFor(m => Model.Value)" name="@Html.NameFor(m => Model.Value)" class="@Model.CssClassSettings.CssClass" type="text" value="@Model.Value" @if (Model.MaxLength > 0)
                                                                                                                                                          {<text> maxlength="@Model.MaxLength"</text>} placeholder="@Model.PlaceholderText" data-sc-tracking="@Model.IsTrackingEnabled" data-sc-field-name="@Model.Name" data-sc-field-key="@Model.ConditionSettings.FieldKey" @Html.GenerateUnobtrusiveValidationAttributes(m => m.Value)/>
@Html.ValidationMessageFor(m => Model.Value)

The last thing we need to do is changing the value of the Model Type field on

/sitecore/system/Settings/Forms/Field Types/Basic/Single-Line Text

item to the new class we've created earlier:

sitecore forms tooltips - single line text model type

After we complete the last step, we can go back to Sitecore Forms Editor, set tooltip for any of the Single-Line Text fields and check the form rendered on the page for the new tooltip text:

sitecore forms - tooltip in form

If you need to add tooltip text to any other type of the field:

  • add tooltip section under chosen field type item in core database
  • create view model class for the field inheriting from IWithTooltip,
  • use the new view model class on the field type definition item under /sitecore/system/Settings/Forms/Field Types item,
  • and update cshtml file of the field to include @Model.Tooltip().

You can find the code of the tooltip for Sitecore Forms fields on my Github: Sitecore Forms - field tooltips.

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